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Transfer Program


UCO Program/Major

ASBaccalaureate Track-NursingB.S.Nursing
ASBiological ScienceB.S.Biology





ASBusinessB.B.A.Business Administration - General Business
ASBusinessB.B.A.Business Administration - International Business
ASBusinessB.B.A.Business Administration - Business Law
ASBusinessB.B.A.Economics - Energy Economics
ASBusinessB.B.A.Finance - Insurance and Risk Management
ASBusinessB.B.A.Information Systems and Operations Management - Management Information Systems
ASBusinessB.B.A.Information Systems and Operations Management - Operations and Supply Chain Management
ASBusinessB.B.A.Management - PGA Golf Management
ASBusinessB.B.A.Management - Human Resources
ASBusinessB.B.A.Marketing - Professional Selling
AASBusiness-All OptionsB.S.General Studies
AACriminal Justice-Criminal Justice OptionB.A.Criminal Justice - General
AACriminal Justice-Police Science OptionB.A.Criminal Justice - Police
AAEnglishB.A.English - Creative Writing
EnglishB.A.Ed.English Education
ASEnvironmental Science Environmental Quality/Safety EmphasisB.S.Occupational Safety
AAFamily Services and Child Development-Child Development (Option 3)B.S.Human Development and Family Sciences - Child Development
AAFamily Services and Child Development-Family ServicesB.S.Human Development and Family Sciences - Marriage and Family
AAFamily Services and Child Development-Family ServicesB.S.Human Development and Family Sciences - Child Development
AAFine Arts-Art EmphasisB.A.Ed.Art Education
AAFine Arts-Art EmphasisB.F.A.Art - Studio Art
AAFine Arts-Musical Theatre EmphasisB.M.Music - Musical Theatre
AAFine Arts-Music EmphasisB.M.Music - Vocal Performance
AAFine Arts-Music EmphasisB.M.Ed.Music Education
AAFine Arts-Music EmphasisB.M.Music - Instrumental Performance
AAFine Arts: Theatre EmphasisB.F.A.Theatre Arts - Design and Technology
AAFine Arts: Theatre EmphasisB.F.A.Ed.Theatre - Communication Education
AAFine Arts: Theatre EmphasisB.F.A.Theatre Arts Performance
ASHealth and Sports Sciences-Health, Physical Education and RecreationB.S.Ed.Physical Education - Health
ASHealth and Sports Sciences-Exercise Fitness ManagementB.S.Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management
ASHealth and Sports Sciences-Personal TrainerB.S.Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management
AAHistory: European OptionB.A.History
AAHistory: European OptionB.A.History - Museum Studies
AAHistory: American OptionB.A.History
AAHistory: American OptionB.A.History - Museum Studies
AAHistory: American OptionB.A.Ed.History Education
ASLiberal Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies EmphasisB.S.General Studies
AALiberal Studies-Philosophy EmphasisB.A.Philosophy
AAMass CommunicationB.A.Mass Communication - Professional Media
ASMathematics-Education EmphasisB.S.Ed.Mathematics Education
ASMathematics-General EmphasisB.S.Mathematics
ASMathematics-Computer Science EmphasisB.S.Computer Science
ASMathematics-Computer Science EmphasisB.S.Computer Science - Applied
ASMathematics-Computer Science EmphasisB.S.Computer Science - Information Science
ASMathematics-Computer Science EmphasisB.S.Software Engineering
AAModern Languages-French EmphasisB.A.Ed.Modern Languages French - French Education
AAModern Languages-German EmphasisB.A.Ed.Modern Languages German - German Education
AAModern Languages-Spanish EmphasisB.A.Ed.Modern Languages Spanish - Spanish Education
AAModern Languages-French EmphasisB.A.Modern Languages - French
AAModern Languages-German EmphasisB.A.Modern Languages - German
AAModern Languages-Spanish EmphasisB.A.Modern Languages - Spanish
AASParalegal StudiesB.S.General Studies
AASNursing ScienceB.S.Nursing
AAPolitical ScienceB.A.Political Science
AAPre-EducationB.S.Ed.Early Childhood Education
AAPre-EducationB.S.Ed.Elementary Education
AAPre-EducationB.S.Ed.Special Education - Mild - Moderate Disabilities
AAPre-EducationB.S.Ed.Special Education - Severe - Profound/Multiple Disabilities
AASRespiratory Therapist ScienceB.S.General Studies
AASocial Sciences-General OptionB.A.Geography
AASociology-Sociology OptionB.A.Sociology
AASociology-Counseling/Social Work OptionB.A.Sociology - Human Services