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As of June 5, 2020
Provided by OIT Recruit Service Providers

For Undergraduate Prospective Students

  • Adjustments were made to the Undergraduate application for admission, whereby Spring 2021 entry term was opened up and the Applied Liberal Arts degree was made available as a fully online program.
  • Other newly-approved degree programs were added to the Undergraduate application for future entry terms.

For Graduate Prospective Students - Separate CRM Recruit Project (TDX #386594, not prioritized by Cabinet)

  • JCGS and OIT conferred about follow up development work from the initial release, timeline expectations for ongoing system maintenance tasks, and clarified priorities for outsourced development by Oculus.
  • OIT project team began configuration and testing of application review forms and decision components, graduate program advisor communication forms, and integration of decisions with Banner. Configuration in the Test system will support a demonstration of capabilities for JCGS staff next week.

Migration of CRM Recruit to Cloud Platform (TDX #389259Cabinet Priority #7)

  • Upgrade of UCO’s cloud environment to version 6.1 begins with the Test system on Sunday, June 7. Verification testing will ensue early next week.
  • Prospective Student Activity via Cloud environment (as of midday on 6/5/2020):

New Accounts Created


Started Apps


Submitted Apps


Completed Apps


Deferred Apps    4

Academic Level

 Graduate = 143**

 Undergraduate = 572

**Graduate:  Domestic = 117. International = 26.

  • Upgrade of Cloud environment is tentatively slated to culminate with the Production system on or about Tuesday, July 7.

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