The new Central Collaboration Space is available for teams, projects, research and much more. Updated features, new tool sets and functions will be added to meet additional university needs. To get started visit the Space Directory or request a Collaboration Space.

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Central Collaboration Spaces 101

Organize your work in spaces

Chances are, the information you need to do your job lives in multiple places. Word docs, Evernote files, email, PDFs, even Post-it notes. It's scattered among different systems. And to make matters worse, the stuff your teammates need is equally siloed. If information had feelings, it would be lonely.

But with Central Collaboration Spaces, you can bring all that information into one place.

Discuss work with your teamGetting a project outlined and adding the right content are just the first steps. Now it's time for your team to weigh in. Central Collaboration Spaces makes it easy to discuss your work - with your team, your boss, or your entire company - in the same place where you organized and created it.
Create content with pagesThink of pages as a New Age "document." If Word docs were rotary phones, Central Collaboration Spaces pages would be smart phones. A smart phone still makes calls (like their rotary counterparts), but it can do so much more than that

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As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

Tips & Tricks

Manage Email Notifications

Central Collaboration Spaces has the ability to send notifications of updates and changes based on your preferences. Here's how to review the options:

  1. Visit your Central Collaboration Spaces email settings.
  2. The default settings will be displayed.
  3. Look for the Edit button near the end of the page.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Review the notification options and make any updates needed.
  6. Note: To avoid excessive notifications uncheck both "Autowatch" and "Subscribe to recommended updates."
  7. Select Submit to save any changes made.
  8. All done! Central Collaboration Spaces will now send notifications based on your updated settings.