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As of May 29, 2020
Provided by OIT Recruit Service Providers

Migration of CRM Recruit to Cloud Platform (TDX #389259)

  • Post-migration monitoring and technical support for UCO users continued this week. No notable issues have been reported or observed.
  • Prospective Student Activity via Cloud Environment (as of midday, 5/29/2020):

New Accounts Created


Started Apps


Submitted Apps


Completed Apps


Deferred Apps     3

Academic Level

 Graduate = 98**

 Undergraduate = 377

**Graduate:  Domestic = 77. International = 21.

  • Upgrade of UCO’s cloud environment to version 6.1 begins with upgrade of the Test system on June 7. Upgrade of Cloud Production system is tentatively slated on or about July 7.

HubSpot Marketing Hub, Enterprise Trial through May 27, 2020 (TDX #402349)

  • Since JCGS and Undergraduate Admissions staff concluded the trial assessment of Marketing Hub Enterprise features, primary stakeholders will meet next week to establish oversight responsibilities and continue working with HubSpot's strategic consultant on a weekly basis.

For Graduate Prospective Students - Separate CRM Recruit Project (TDX #386594)

  • JCGS and OIT conferred about post-migration feedback, confirm prioritization of near-term development priorities, and align plans with timeframes affected by impending upgrade to Recruit version 6.1.

Full Detailed Report

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