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As of May 15, 2020
Provided by OIT Recruit Service Providers

Migration of CRM Recruit to Cloud Platform (TDX #389259)

  • Migration of UCO’s current Production database to the Cloud environment and upgrade to Recruit version 6.0 will take place Sunday, May 17 through Wednesday, May 20.
  • Customer acceptance testing and user orientation to the new Cloud environment will take during the maintenance window prior to Go-Live for the updated Production system.

HubSpot Marketing Hub, Enterprise Trial through May 27, 2020 (TDX #402349)

  • JCGS, Undergraduate Admissions, and OGA continued exploring campaigns and components of HubSpot in preparations for a consultant session next week.

For Graduate Prospective Students - Separate CRM Recruit Project (TDX #386594)

  • JCGS and OIT held a working session to address follow-up issues from the initial release and requirements for some remaining deliverables in preparation for upcoming development.

Full Detailed Report

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