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As of May 8, 2020
Provided by OIT Recruit Service Providers

Migration of CRM Recruit to Cloud Platform (TDX #389259)

  • Customer acceptance testing by Undergraduate Admissions was conducted during a with no significant testing issues discovered.
  • Ellucian and the OIT project team worked to resolve a pervasive integration issue with data from Banner on-premise not coming back to Recruit in the Cloud Test system.

HubSpot Marketing Hub, Enterprise Trial through May 27, 2020 (TDX #402349)

  • JCGS, Undergraduate Admissions, and OGA personnel met with HubSpot to learn how to establish a specific campaign and build necessary components.

For Graduate Prospective Students - Separate CRM Recruit Project (TDX #386594)

  • JCGS and OIT held a working session to improve on the delivered entry term deferral form and applicant interface experience.
  • Progress of graduate applications from April 7 through May 8, 2020 (32 days):
    • 273 Applications Started
    • 169 Submitted (including 10 “old” applications)
    • 97 Completed (including 9 “old” applications)

Full Detailed Report

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