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As of May 1, 2020
Provided by OIT Recruit Service Providers

For Graduate Prospective Students - Separate CRM Recruit Project (TDX #386594)

  • Progress of graduate applications from April 7 through May 1, 2020 (25 days):
    • 196 Applications Started
    • 123 Submitted (including 2 “old” applications)
    • 73 Completed (including 8 “old” applications)

Migration of CRM Recruit to Cloud Platform

  • Current testing environments were re-directed to version 6.0 in the test cloud environment for configuration, testing, and adjustments.
  • CRM Admins and Ellucian Functional Consultant prepared a technical configuration and testing plan for UCO’s new test environment in the cloud.
  • Customer acceptance testing was conducted by JCGS and is planned for Undergraduate Admissions next week.

HubSpot Marketing Platform

  • Undergraduate Admissions and OGA met with HubSpot consultant to learn about segmenting team access and content, as well as setting user-level permissions during the Enterprise trial period.

Full Detailed Report

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