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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

About the University(PDF)

The People of UCO(PDF)

UCO Admissions Information(PDF)

General Degree Information(PDF)

Services to Support Student Success(PDF)

Degree Programs(PDF)

University Core(PDF)

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning/Scientific Method
  • Critical Inquiry and Aesthetic Analysis
  • American Historical and Political Analysis
  • Cultural and Language Analysis
  • Social and Behavioral Analysis
  • Life Skills

Major Requirements by College

College of Business(PDF)

Accounting, (B.S.)

Business Administration, (B.B.A.)

Business Administration-International Business, (B.B.A.)

Business Administration-Legal Studies, (B.B.A.)


Economics-Energy Economics -(B.B.A.)

Finance, (B.B.A.)

Finance - Insurance and Risk Management, (B.B.A.)

Information and Operations Management - Management Information Systems, (B.B.A.)

Information and Operations Management - Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt, (B.B.A.)

Management, (B.B.A.)

Management - Human Resource Management, (B.B.A.)

Management - PGA Golf Management, (B.B.A.)

Marketing, (B.B.A.)

Marketing - Professional Selling, (B.B.A.) 

College of Education and Professional Studies (PDF)

Career, Technical and Workforce Development - Family & Consumer Sciences, (B.S.)

Career, Technical and Workforce Development - Trade & Industrial, (B.S.)

Community/Public Health, (B.S.)

Early Childhood Education, (B.S.Ed.)

Elementary Education, (B.S.Ed.)

Family Life Education - Child Development, (B.S.)

Family Life Education - Gerontology, (B.S.)

Family Life Education - Marriage and Family, (B.S.)

Fashion Marketing, (B.S.)

General Studies, (B.S.)

Industrial Safety, (B.S.)

Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management, (B.S.)

Kinesiology - Outdoor and Community Recreation, (B.S.)

Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management, (B.S.)

Organizational Leadership, (B.S.)

Physical Education/Health, (B.S.Ed.)

Psychology, (B.A.)

Special Education - Mild-Moderate Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)

Special Education - Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities, (B.S.Ed.)

Speech/Language Pathology, (B.S.) 

College of Fine Arts and Design(PDF)

Art - Studio Art, (B.F.A.)

Art Education, (B.A.Ed.)

Contemporary Music Business, (A.A.S.)

Contemporary Music Performance, (A.A.S.)

Contemporary Music Production, (A.A.S.)

Dance, (B.F.A.)

Dance Education, (B.A.Ed.)

Design - Graphic Design, (B.F.A.)

Design - Interior Design, (B.F.A.)

Global Art and Visual Culture, (B.A.)

Music - Musical Theatre, (B.M.)

Music - Percussion Performance, (B.M.)

Music - Piano Performance, (B.M.)

Music - String Performance, (B.M.)

Music - Vocal Performance, (B.M.)

Music - Wind Performance, (B.M.)

Music Education - Instrumental, (B.M.Ed.)

Music Education - Vocal, (B.M.Ed.)

Technology Application Studies, (B.A.T.)

Theatre Arts - Design and Technology, (B.F.A.)

Theatre Arts - Performance, (B.F.A.)

Theatre/Communication Education, (B.F.A.Ed.) 

College of Liberal Arts(PDF)

Applied Liberal Arts, (B.A.)

Criminal Justice - Corrections, (B.A.)

Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice, (B.A.)

Criminal Justice - Police, (B.A.)

English, (B.A.)

English - Creative Writing, (B.A.)

English Education, (B.A.Ed.)

Geography, (B.A.)

History, (B.A.)

History - Museum Studies, (B.A.)

History Education, (B.A.Ed.)

Human Communication-Interpersonal Communication, (B.A.)

Humanities, (B.A.)

Mass Communication - Professional Media, (B.A.)

Modern Language - French, (B.A.)

Modern Language - German, (B.A.)

Modern Language - Spanish, (B.A.)

Modern Language Education - French, (B.A.Ed.)

Modern Language Education - German, (B.A.Ed.)

Modern Language Education - Spanish, (B.A.Ed.)

Philosophy, (B.A.)

Photographic Arts, (B.A.)

Political Science, (B.A.)

Political Science - Public Administration, (B.A.)

Sociology, (B.A.)

Sociology - Human Services, (B.A.)

Sociology - Substance Abuse Studies, (B.A.)

Strategic Communications-Organizational Communication, (B.A.)

Strategic Communications-Strategic Communications, (B.A.)

College of Mathematics and Science(PDF)

Actuarial Science, (B.S.)

Biology, (B.S.)

Biomedical Engineering, (B.S.)

Chemistry, (B.S.)

Chemistry - ACS Certificate, (B.S.)

Chemistry - Health Sciences, (B.S.)

Clinical Lab Science/Med-Tech, (B.S.)

Computer Science, (B.S.)

Computer Science - Applied, (B.S.)

Computer Science - Information Science, (B.S.)

Engineering Physics - Electrical Engineering, (B.S.)

Engineering Physics - Mechanical Engineering, (B.S.)

Engineering Physics - Physics, (B.S.)

Funeral Service, (B.S.)

Mathematics, (B.S.)

Mathematics - Applied Mathematics, (B.S.)

Mathematics - Statistics, (B.S.)

Mathematics Education, (B.S.Ed.)

Nursing, (B.S.)

Science Education - Biology, (B.S.Ed.)

Science Education - Chemistry, (B.S.Ed.)

Science Education - General Science, (B.S.Ed.)

Science Education - Physical Science, (B.S.Ed.)

Science Education - Physics, (B.S.Ed.)

Software Engineering, (B.S.)

Interdisciplinary Studies(PDF)

Forensic Science, (B.S.)

Forensic Science - Chemistry, (B.S.)

Forensic Science - Molecular Biology, (B.S.)

Minors (PDF)
Course Descriptions(PDF)
Index (PDF) 

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