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Policies and Guidelines


Course Fee Spending Guidelines Approved by Provost's Advisory Council 5/4/2015

UCO Policy for Use of Copyrighted Materials

UCO Copyright Compliance

UCO Academic Affairs Ombudsperson Information

Policy Manual

This manual serves as a resource for university administration, faculty, and staff and supplements its companion document, the University of Central Oklahoma Faculty Handbook, which encompasses policy directly related to faculty.  The university graduate and undergraduate catalogs communicate academic policy and degree requirements to students and the general public.  These policies are subject to change.  Additions and revisions are made periodically.

Policy Group Process
Academic Terminology
Academic Program Table
Policy Hierarchy


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 1. Programs and Curricula
 2. Instruction and Course work
 3. Academic Administrative Processes
 4. Academic Standards and Accreditation
 5. Communication to Students
 6. Registration/Record
 7. Graduation/Commencement

1. Programs and Curricula

1.1    Application of Prior Degrees toward University Core/General Education Requirements

1.2    Overlap of General Education Course Requirements

1.3    Program Eligibility: Second Bachelor's Degree, Double Major, Major/Minor

1.4    General Education/University Core Exceptions

1.5    Program Requirement Exceptions

1.6    Double Counting (Overlapping)

1.7    Second (or Subsequent) Undergraduate Degree Requirements

1.8    Self-Paced Online Courses as Resident Credit under review

1.9    Credit for Prior Learning (formerly Extra-institutional Examination Credit) subsuming Policy 1.17

1.10  Undergraduate Transfer Course Articulation

1.11   Discontinued Majors

1.12   Course Substitutions/Exceptions for Students with Disabilities

1.13   Medical Students Baccalaureate Degree Completion

1.14   Exceptions for Groups of Students

1.15   Department Limitations in the University Core

1.16   Graduate and Undergraduate Counterpart Courses (4000 and 5000 combined courses)

1.17   Transcripting Transfer Extrainstitutional Credit-Policy subsumed 1.9

1.18   Transfer Agreements (Major to major)

1.19   Course Prefix (Subject*) or Course Prefix Change

1.20   Minor Requirements 

1.21   Undergraduate Transfer Course Articulation (International)


2. Instruction and Course work

2.1  Class-Size Minimum Enrollment Guidelines

2.2  Syllabus Requirements

2.3  Internships

2.4  Emergency Finals - Policy subsumed into 4.4

2.5  Study Tours

2.6  Field Study

2.7  Field Trips

2.8  Field Experience

2.9  Media Use in Credit Bearing Coursework

2.10 Transfer of International English Courses

2.11  Credit Hour Definition and Application to Courses


3.  Academic Administrative Processes

3.1  Department Name Change Procedure

3.2  Museums, Galleries, and Permanent Collections

3.3  Academic Centers and Institutes (with External Service Mission)

3.4  New Program Proposal Procedure

3.5  New Major Proposal Procedure

3.6  New Major Development - Strategic Model

3.7  Endowed Faculty Positions

3.8  Online Course Quality

3.9  Number of Online Courses Allowable in Full-Time Teaching Load

3.10 Online Course Enrollment for CPDE Instructional Design Staff

3.11 Charter Schools/Sponsorship

3.12  Team Teaching

3.13  Interdisciplinary Programs

3.14  Interdisciplinary Faculty

3.15  International Institution-to-Institution Agreements

3.16a  Academic Certificate Programs

3.16b Professional Certificate Offerings

3.17  Enrollment Requirements for Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants

3.18  Student Authentication

3.19  Proctored Exams


4. Academic Standards and Accreditation

4.1  Current and Discontinued Academic Program Terminology

4.2  Accreditation

4.3  Program Review and Specialized Accreditations

4.4  Final Exam Daily Limits (formerly titled Three Finals in a Day)

4.5  Interdisciplinary Minor Limitations

4.6  Required hours in a baccalaureate degree


 5.  Communication to Students

 5.1  Degree Requirement Publishing/Posting (formerly titled Degree-Requirement Distribution)

 5.2  Class Cancellation Notification (formerly titled Notification to Students of Class Cancellation)

 5.3  Degree Requirements Disclosure (formerly titled Complete Disclosure of Degree Requirements)


  6.  Registration/Record

6.1  Intersessions - Undergraduate Maximum Course Load

6.2  Scheduling Conflicts-Overlapping Classes

6.3  Course Load - Undergraduate Maximum

6.4  Course Load - Graduate Maximum

6.5  Catalog-Year Rights

6.6  Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

6.7  President's Honor Roll - Undergraduate

6.8  Dean's Honor Roll

6.9  Irregular Enrollment


7.  Graduation/Commencement

7.1  Graduation Honors

7.2  Spring Commencement and Summer Graduation

7.3  Class Marshals for Graduation Ceremonies

7.4  Posthumous Degrees

7.5  Degree Text on Diploma


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