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UCO AACC Undergraduate Curriculum Proposals for 2020-2021

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UCO AACC Graduate Curriculum Proposals 2020-2021

Academic Affairs Curriculum Council Agendas, Minutes, Committee Reports, and Responsibilities

Tracking Charts

Click on the highlighted number to open the PDF file. 
If there is an asterisk in front of the number scroll down to the bottom of the page to review the REVISED proposal. 

41R, 110R, 111R, 112R2, 117R, 118R, 119R,120R2, 125R, 127R, 132R, 133R, 134R, 135R, 137R, 138R, 140R, 144R, 146R, 170R, 175R, 195R, 224R, 238R, 242R, 243R

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