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Xmedius Fax System - User Guide

How to use the cloud-based Xmedius Fax system

General Info:

UCO is transitioning away from legacy stand-alone fax machines and analog fax lines via the ImageNet printer replacement project which began in early CY 2020.  Our new cloud-based fax system works with existing UCO fax numbers. Some existing Standley printers have fax boards installed in the printer and are connected to analog phone lines in order to provide fax service. (Standley Systems is UCO's former print services contractor)  When a Standley printer falls out of contract and is replaced by an Imagenet printer, the fax users will switch to using the online Xmedius system.

There are multiple methods to send and receive faxes which will be described below.  The main method available to all Xmedius fax account users is the secure web portal,  Other methods will be rolled out in the near future and will be documented here.  They will include:

  • Send and receive directly via secure email
  • Send directly from an HP printer 

What do I need in order to send and receive faxes?

  1. A UCO network account:  This is the same account that you use to access email, UCONNECT, Banner, etc.
  2. An Xmedius account:  When a Standley printer with an existing fax number is due to be replaced, Imagenet representatives and the UCO Print Administrator will gather a list of current fax users from department representatives (normally the department's Business Manager) and send an email invitation to those users to create an Xmedius account.  When you receive the invitation, you will use your existing UCO network account credentials to log in to the Xmedius system.
    1. New users can be added later as needed by requesting Xmedius access via the Employee Security Access Form.
    2. As an alternate to having your own Xmedius account, your departmental staff can send faxes on your behalf and forward received faxes to you via email attachments.
  3. Access to the Internet:  Xmedius users can securely send and receive from any Internet connected device without the need for a VPN connection.

Fax Number Routing for Incoming Faxes

Each fax number has a group of one or more users associated with that number.  All group members can send from that number and all group members will receive a copy of all faxes sent to that number. Group members will see the received faxes in their portal view (see screenshot below), and they will receive a copy of the fax in their email inbox.

An alternate method for groups that want to limit who receives faxes is to have a service account created (e.g.,  OIT then routes all inbound faxes for a particular number to that account.  Designated users are given access by OIT to that account's email address and they monitor the inbox in order to route faxes accordingly.

Methods to Send and Receive Faxes

   Method 1.

  • Log in to with your UCO credentials.
  • Click Compose Fax in the top right corner (see screenshot below).
  • Enter the Recipient's Name, Company, and Fax Number (Area Code + Number).
  • Add Subject line for the fax.
  • Use the Comment section to type a basic text message or upload an attachment to be sent.
   Method 2. 
  • Once you have a account and have a fax number assigned to your account. You can send a email to  with fax number in front and any email attachment is faxed  as a Example:  this would send a fax to the number 1(405)974-3806. There is no need to include the 9 or long distance code 
How to Receive:
  • In your Inbound History folder you can manage all faxes received for a particular fax number (see screenshot below).
    • For each fax in your history you can choose multiple management options including, View, Download, Forward, Delete, Print.
  • Group members also receive a copy of faxes sent to their group's assigned fax number in their email inbox.

Xmedius fax portal screen shot

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